What Is David`s Law

As we have already learned in Blog 1 ”Let`s Talk Cyberbullying Month” and Blog 2, ”Cyberbullying, what is it”, there are actions that are considered bullying, and some that are cyberbullying. In the United States, cyberbullying is punishable under civil and criminal laws. In Texas, one of the methods of punishing abusers is the […]

What Is an Option to Purchase Agreement

Of course, the option contract does not last forever, but most option contracts last between 30 and 90 days, which means that the seller cannot sell the property during this specified period and the potential buyer/investor has the exclusive right to buy or sell that property, regardless of the duration of that option agreement. […]

What Is a Two Stage Design and Build Contract

Once the preferred contractor is appointed, they are no longer in direct competition with other bidders. This means that there is no particular incentive for the entrepreneur to get a good price, so other methods should be considered to ensure that the price is good value for money. The traditional supply route in the […]

What Is a Private Prison Contract

Proponents of private prisons argue that cost savings and operational efficiency give private prisons an advantage over public prisons and support the argument for privatization, but some research doubts the validity of these arguments, as evidence has shown that private prisons are neither patently cheaper nor more efficient than public prisons. [51] An evaluation […]

What Is a General Security Agreement and Ucc Filing

Each seller of goods on credit has the possibility to demand a security right in the purchase price. The main advantage of a purchase money security right is that the purchase money security right takes particular precedence over other security rights in the same asset if special rules are followed. [4] The UCC favours […]

What Is a Collective Bargaining Agreements

In Common Law, Ford v A.U.E.F. [1969][8], the courts have already ruled that collective agreements are not binding. Second, the Industrial Relations Act 1971, introduced by Robert Carr (Minister of Labour in Edward Heath`s cabinet), provided that collective agreements were binding unless otherwise stipulated in a written contractual clause. After the fall of the […]

What Happens after Sentencing in Federal Court

There`s not much your federal court attorney can do to speed up this process, but it might be helpful if you know some reasons why it takes so long. Some examples could be the delay in obtaining the presentence survey or the presentence report (commonly referred to as PSI or PSI in HC). The […]

What Does It Mean Tax Deferred Annuity

Tax. As long as your money stays in a deferred pension, you don`t owe tax on your profits. This can improve your performance compared to a taxable brokerage account or CD where you owe tax each year. Deferred annuities accumulate interest income on a deferred tax basis, which means that taxes are not deducted […]

What Do You Mean by Supplemental Agreement

A compensation agreement tells you how much you pay another party for the work they do. In addition to money amounts, it also includes the frequency and details of payments – for example, whether the rate of pay is temporary or permanent, and whether you pay by the hour, monthly, weekly or annually. Other […]

What Are the Requirements for an Atp Certificate

The practical examination for the ATP certificate is similar to the examination for the evaluation of instruments; However, as you might expect, the tolerances for passing the exam are stricter. For example, if you are making an inaccurate approach, you will need to maintain your minimum descent altitude (MDA) within 50 feet above and […]