Signs of Company Buyout

”This company is going bankrupt, it will not comply with your guarantee.” Another risk pending the completed merger is that the acquisition may not receive approval from a U.S. or foreign government, in which case the merger will fail and the target company`s share price will fall. This is exactly what happened with Broadcom`s […]

Shipping Documents Required for Import

If the importer avails himself of customs duty exemptions for goods imported under various regimes such as DEEC/DEPB/ECGC, etc., this certificate is presented together with other import clearance documents. You can understand what these documents from their explanation mean as shown below. As I have already mentioned, the import licence may be required as […]

Settlement Agreements and Notice Pay

You will continue to be employed by your employer until your contract is terminated. Some employers insist that employees confirm that they have neither accepted a new job nor started working for a new employer at the time the agreement is signed. Ask your clerk for advice if you want to accept a new […]

Service Dogs Law Korea

Any person (pedestrian, vehicle driver or other) who approaches a person who appears to be a person with a disability or who lawfully uses an assistive device or service dog, and who intentionally fails to stop, change course, speak or take any other action necessary to avoid an accident or injury to the person […]

Scope of Work Agreement Meaning

Definition: Scope of work is a written document that contains a detailed description of an employment contract. This term usually refers to the section of a contract or agreement that explains all the tasks and expected results in order to reconcile the expectations between the two parties. A good amount of work will help […]

Samples of Agreement Contracts

As soon as something valuable is exchanged between the parties who know it, an agreement becomes binding. This also applies outside the business world. This Agreement protects confidential information between two parties, the disclosing party and the receiving party. This is a simple template with a specific language for signing and NDA. Due to […]

Sample Memorandum of Understanding for Business Partnership

If you have any questions about what`s right for you and your business, we can put you in touch with a lawyer for quick answers or a document review. A Memorandum of Understanding shows that two or more trading partners are serious about taking the next steps towards a mutually beneficial agreement. It describes […]

Sample Consulting Agreement Template

The fourth issue that needs to be addressed is the payment with which the client compensates the consultant. In ”IV. Indemnification”, one of the four declarations must be selected and completed with the material you have provided. The first choice here will be an exact amount per hour as the consultant`s remuneration. Check the […]

Sale and Purchase Agreement Price Adjustment

The NWC`s calculation should exclude assets and liabilities that are not transferred as part of the sale or that have no economic value after the closing of the financial statements (p.B. certain tax positions). It is preferable to agree on a detailed schedule of accounting methods and procedures for items that are particularly contrary […]

Rule of Compensation

Once you have great people on board, you need to recognize your best players. As one entrepreneur told me, ”It was amazing how I underestimated the importance of recognizing employees and appreciating their work. One of the reasons people leave companies is to go somewhere where they think they will get greater recognition. ”He […]